(Jund Revision) Elemental UnearthEr (Modern)

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    An elemental deck featuring Thunderkin awakener and other wonderful elementals that stays (mostly) true to purist tribal deck design. Mutagenic Growth for protection against chump blockers and additional damage with Thud and Fling. Fling is great for protection against extractions and exiles. Play a Flamekin Harbinger turn one to position the creature you need on the top of the deck. Ideally you'd play Flamekin into Thunderkin discard two ball lightning, lightning skelemental or Groundbreaker with Unearth. If all the conditions are right you can win as early as turn 3 or 4.

    Core of the Deck
    Thunderkin Awakener x4
    Flamekin Harbinger x4
    Lightning Skelemental x4
    Ball Lightning x4
    Groundbreaker x4

    Fling vs Thud
    While thud is cheaper and also acts as additional after-the-fact removal or additional 6 damage, it doesn't have the instant speed that is required to save a creature from being exiled if it gets pathed. I opted for 2 flings and 1 thud for mana conservation but this will require much more testing to determine what I want the most often.

    Fatal Push vs Tragic Slip
    While Fatal Push is a fantastic value spot removal, it has some down sides that tragic slip does not. Very rarely will a large creature, over 10 power and toughness have a mana cost of 4 or less... If ever. While tragic slip requires a creature dies that turn for it to have its full effect, ideally, an elemental will be dying every turn... So if played on your own turn, it would give a target creature - 1,-1 until the end of that turn... This means after your elemental attacks, that becomes - 15,-15. And it only cost 1 mana.


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    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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    Revision 1 August 26, 2019 FonzOrama
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