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Ashnod's AltarBanewhip PunisherBlack Sun's ZenithBlood CryptBloodstained MireBlowfly InfestationBlur of BladesChromatic LanternCinderbonesCommand TowerContagion ClaspContagion EngineCore ProwlerCrumbling AshesDamnationDragonskull SummitDreadboreEvolving WildsFaithless LootingFallen FerromancerFestering MummyFevered ConvulsionsFurystoke GiantGarna, the BloodflameGeier Reach SanitariumGlistening OilGrafted ExoskeletonGrim AfflictionHeartstoneHex ParasiteIncremental BlightKarn's BastionKolaghan's CommandKulrath KnightLethal StingLightning GreavesLiliana, Death WielderLuxury SuiteMassacre GirlMerciless JavelineerMikaeus, the UnhallowedMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainMountainNecropedeNecroskitterNest of ScarabsNight's WhisperOgre MenialPalace SiegePhyresisPhyrexian CrusaderPlague MyrPuncture BlastRazor SwineRevel in RichesRogue's PassageSickle RipperSkinrenderSkithiryx, the Blight DragonSmoldering MarshSol RingSoul SnuffersSplendid AgonySpread the SicknessStigma LasherSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSweltering SunsSword of Truth and JusticeSword of the AnimistTerminateTerramorphic ExpanseThe Scorpion GodTorment of VenomTrigon of CorruptionUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothVandalblastVirulent WoundWhispering SpecterYawgmoth, Thran Physician