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Control dragons (Casual)

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    Blue black control. This deck packs a few different ways to gain control of target creatures and planeswalkers. Silumgar Dragonlord allows you to gain control of a target creature or planeswalker as long as you control Silumgar Dragonlord. Difficult to get rid of on the battlefield because of its deathtouch and flying combination.

    There is also Keiga, the tide star. This dragon comes in at 5/5 and offers both good offensive and defensive strategies. When Keiga dies you gain control of a target creature. This ability alone is enough to deter attackers.

    Ashiok the nightmare weaver is effective for milling an opponent's deck as well as gaining control of their creatures.

    Skithriyx, the Blight Dragon is probably the most over powered card in the deck. If Skithriyx is not dealt with immediately it is capable of finishing a game within 3 attacks due to the poison effect. Skithriyx also deals damage to creatures in the form of -1 -1 counters. This deters attackers and blockers, particularly because of Skithriyx's regeneration ability. E.g opponent attacks with 5/5 dragon. I block with Skithiryx, Skithiryx would die from this, I then tap two black mana to regenerate Skithiryx and the 5/5 attacking dragon is now a 1/1 and Skithiryx is still alive.

    Sidisi, Undead Vizier is a a good defence and offensive card because of its deathtouch and 4/6 power and toughness. The best thing about this card is the ability which triggers when he enters the battlefield. You may exploit a creature by sacrificing it. You may then search your library for any card put it into your hand and shuffle your library. This ability is great if you already control a Dragon like Keiga or Kokusho who's ability triggers when they die, combining the exploit feature with a creature that dies well is what really gets this deck stomping.

    Silumgar the Drifting Death is a 3/7 hexproof dragon and it's ability causes defending players creatures to get -1-1 when a dragon I control attacks.

    Kokusho, the evening star, he's in this deck for 2 reasons. 1 he looks bad ass and 2, he dies well, especially in a multiplayer game. When Kokusho dies each opponent loses 5 life and you gain life equal to life lost this way.

    Liliana of the Dark Realms is worth it just for the land gain, but if you manage to -6 her this deck has enough mana to do anything.

    Mass Manipulation, a high cost spell but worth every bit of mana, wait till your opponent taps out, usually summoning a big creature, and take control of it on your turn and then some. Pay 4 blue mana and 2 of any mana to control one target 4 mana for 2 targets, 6 mana for 3 targets etc, etc.

    This deck packs a fair few counters. These help slow my opponent down but I usually save a counter or two for later in the game just in case.

    There's also some revival, Bond if Revival is a great revival spell for big creatures because it costs 5 and returns a creature to the battlefield with haste.


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