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Scarab Sands (EDH / Commander)

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    Long ago a great civilization prospered along the banks of the great river and pushed back the deserts under the watchful gaze of its gods who guided its people in life and death, the ever-changing world of the flesh and the eternal existence of the spirit. And yet the Pharaoh of the people grew jealous of the gods, for was it not he who by blood and genius rightfully ruled these lands, why should he toil all his days only to be second to the gods and buried and forgotten along with his ancestors. And so through darkest magic and blackest treachery, the pharaoh brought low kefnet, god of wisdom, and like a scarab feasts upon the wounded and the dead, devoured the god's essence from within becoming a being divine and monstrous. With his new found powers, the God-Pharoph shattered and perverted the barriers erected by god and man: No longer did the people know death and life but only a twisted fusion of the two, no longer did the did the spirit live eternal and the flesh wither but instead the soul laid bound to the mummified flesh and lazotep-coated bone ever moving and never decaying. And as the rest of the gods fled with what people they could save, the God-Pharoph settled like a gluttoned beetle in the darkest ruins of his domain, ruling silently over a once prosperous civilization now buried beneath the death and desert -- the Scarab Sands.

    This deck is a zombie-tribal deck bolstered by target removal, counter spells, and curses. While capable of overwhelming the foe with tides of undead, it is also has means to ensure that the enemy pays both for destroying your zombies as surely as the Scarab God punishes them for inaction against your hoards.



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