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Arcane SignetAzorius ChanceryBattle HymnBenevolent OfferingBlessed BreathBonus RoundBoros GarrisonComet StormCommand TowerCommander's SphereDeflecting PalmDesperate RitualDevouring RageDisrupting ShoalEerie ProcessionElsha of the InfiniteEnlightened TutorEthereal HazeEvermindExpansion // ExplosionEye of NowhereFinale of RevelationForbidden OrchardGoblin ElectromancerHallowed FountainHanged ExecutionerIdeas UnboundIgnite the FutureInfernal PlungeInner FireIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIzzet BoilerworksJeskai AscendancyKami of the Crescent MoonKykar, Wind's FuryLeyline of AnticipationLong-Forgotten GoheiMausoleum WandererMinistrant of ObligationMoorland HauntMountainMountainMountainMountainMystic MonasteryNarset's ReversalNiv-Mizzet, ParunNot ForgottenOptPeer Through DepthsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPrimal Amulet // Primal WellspringPrimal Amulet // Primal WellspringPrismitePromise of BunreiPsychic PuppetryQuiet PurityRal, Storm ConduitRattlechainsReach Through MistsRepeated ReverberationReverberateReweaveSacred FoundrySeething SongSift Through SandsSkullclampSol RingSpawning BreathSpectral ProcessionSpectral SailorSpell QuellerSpiritual VisitSteam VentsSudden SubstitutionTale's EndTalisman of ConvictionTalisman of CreativityTemple of the False GodThe UnspeakableThousand-Year StormTithe TakerTomorrow, Azami's FamiliarTradewind RiderVandalblastVeil of SecrecyWinged Words