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Sanity Corrosion Mill (Standard)

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    The goal is to mill our opponent using a combination of Fraying Sanity and Psychic Corrosion. With Fraying Sanity out, our mill revolves around playing Compelling Argument and closing the game out with Ipnu Rivulet. Psychic Corrosion also allows us to mill with our card draw while Fraying Sanity amplifies it.

    Baral, Chief of Compliance helps reduce the cost of our spells and provides a decent early game blocker. Siren Stormtamer additionally reduces the cost of Lookout's Dispersal (or even Wizard's Retort) while providing an additional looting trigger for Baral, Chief of Compliance. Opt, Treasure Map // Treasure Cove, Blink of an Eye, Supreme Will, and Baral, Chief of Compliance help draw cards and shape our hand. Tezzeret, Artifice Master provides in-game flexibility by generating blockers in the air, drawing cards, or helping to find extra copies of our mill engine (Fraying Sanity and Psychic Corrosion). Note that Treasure Map // Treasure Cove and its treasure tokens help to amplify Tezzeret, Artifice Master's +0 ability (allowing it to mill 8 when both Psychic Corrosion and Fraying Sanity are on the board).

    Against early creature aggro decks, we can swap in a full set of Surge Mare for early blockers. Against wide aggro decks (especially token based), we can swap in River's Rebuke to wipe the opponent's board. Against burn decks, we can swap in a fourth copy of Siren Stormtamer as an additional cheap counter. If the opponent has no meaningful interaction spells, we can drop Siren Stormtamer (swapping Lookout's Dispersal for Countervailing Winds), and add in additional Surge Mare, Blink of an Eye, or River's Rebuke.




    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Apr 2018 — Oct 2018).

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