Turn 1 Win + Dragon Army (Casual)

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    Update 12/10/19; alright screw the rest of this below. Turn 1 win right here. Opening hand, 1 mountain, 4 rite of flame’s, dragon tempest, dragonstorm. Good game. The rest is history lol

    Basically a casual, really strong mono red dragons deck.

    Slap down big dragons as quickly as possible is the name of the game with this deck.

    There is a way to turn 2 win with this deck but it’s very circumstantial.

    Essentially what you want to have in starting hand is all 4 seething song’s, 1 mountain, 1 sol ring and 1 dragon tempest.

    On turn 1, you’d play your one mountain, then your sol ring.

    Turn 2, if you’re lucky you draw a dragonstorm. You tap your 1 mountain, and sol ring for 3 mana. Play seething song and repeat x3 until you have 11 red mana to work with. Play dragon tempest. Then for the fun part. You can play dragonstorm with your remaining 9 mana, and find up to 5 dragons from your deck since dragonstorm’s storm ability allows you to copy/recast the ability for every spell you cast before it (so the 4 seething song’s and 1 dragon tempest), put them into play and swing since each one has haste due to dragon tempest. Pretty much a guaranteed win regardless of whatever 5 dragons you find.

    UPDATE 12/3/19

    Took out some nykthos since this isn’t a heavy devotion deck. Probably could be useful more end game so I kept 1. Removed 2 sol ring because if you’re running 4 you’re kind of a jerk

    Added 2 mizzium mortars for board clear

    Added 2 dragon’s Hoard

    UPDATE 12/9/19:

    Took out 1 Valakut, added an Akroma’s Memorial for shi-s and giggles. Because come on, how funny would it be if someone was playing a black white/mono black or a red white/mono red, or even a black red deck and they can’t even block/get damage through as you just destroy them with dragons ?

    Credit to Big Dragon Daddy Drew for being a heavy inspiration to the design of this deck
    Hope y’all enjoy~


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