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Blood CryptBlood CryptBloodstained MireBloodstained MireCling to DustCling to DustDeath's ShadowDeath's ShadowDeath's ShadowDeath's ShadowDismemberDismemberFatal PushFatal PushFatal PushFatal PushGurmag AnglerGurmag AnglerGurmag AnglerInquisition of KozilekInquisition of KozilekIslandKolaghan's CommandLightning BoltMishra's BaubleMishra's BaubleMishra's BaubleMishra's BaubleMountainPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaPolluted DeltaScalding TarnScalding TarnSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSteam VentsSteam VentsSteam VentsStreet WraithStreet WraithStreet WraithStreet WraithStubborn DenialStubborn DenialStubborn DenialStubborn DenialSwampTemur Battle RageTemur Battle RageThought ScourThought ScourThought ScourThought ScourThoughtseizeThoughtseizeThoughtseizeWatery GraveWatery Grave

Aether GustAether GustAnger of the GodsAshiok, Dream RenderAshiok, Dream RenderCeremonious RejectionCeremonious RejectionEngineered ExplosivesEngineered ExplosivesPlague EngineerPlague EngineerSurgical ExtractionVapor SnagVapor SnagVapor Snag