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Arcane SignetArchangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the PurifierArchangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the PurifierArid MesaAvacyn, Angel of HopeBadlandsBattlefield ForgeBedevilBlade of the BloodchiefBlasphemous ActBlood CryptBloodstained MireBojuka BogBoros CharmBoros SignetCabal CoffersCathars' CrusadeCaves of KoilosChain ReactionChandra's IgnitionCommand TowerCostly PlunderCrackling DoomCrypt GhastCut // RibbonsDark PetitionDarksteel MutationDarksteel PlateDemonic TutorDivine ReckoningDockside ExtortionistDreadboreDust BowlEarthquakeFabled PassageFetid HeathFiery ConfluenceForge of HeroesGenerous GiftGhost QuarterGisela, Blade of GoldnightGiver of RunesGodless ShrineGraven CairnsGrim TutorHigh Priest of PenanceHour of DevastationHour of RevelationImpact TremorsImperial SealIn Garruk's WakeIndestructibilityKindred BoonKnight of the White OrchidLand TaxLightning GreavesMana ConfluenceMarsh FlatsMountainMountainMountainMurderous Rider // Swift EndNight's WhisperOrzhov SignetPainful TruthsPestilent SpiritPhyrexian ArenaPlainsPlainsPlainsPlateauPrismatic VistaPurphoros, God of the ForgePyroclasmRakdos SignetReflecting PoolRolling EarthquakeRough // TumbleRugged PrairieRuinous UltimatumSacred FoundrySavai TriomeScrublandShielded by FaithSign in BloodSol RingStar of ExtinctionStorm's WrathStrip MineSulfurous SpringsSwampSwampSwiftfoot BootsToxic DelugeUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothVampiric TutorVindicateWarstorm SurgeWastelandWheel of Fortune

Kelsien, the Plague