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AbradeAgonizing RemorseAnger of the GodsAngrath's RampageArid MesaAsylum VisitorBadlandsBedevilBlightningBlood CryptBlood MoonBloodstained MireBojuka BogBonecrusher Giant // StompCastle LocthwainCavern of SoulsChain LightningChandra, Acolyte of FlameChandra, Awakened InfernoChandra, Torch of DefianceChaos WarpCollective BrutalityCommand TowerDamnationDaretti, Ingenious IconoclastDark PetitionDavriel, Rogue ShadowmageDeflecting SwatDismemberDistressDragonskull SummitDreadboreDuressErebos's InterventionExpedition MapFaithless LootingFatal PushFiery ConfluenceFire CovenantFlame SlashGo for the ThroatGoblin Dark-DwellersGraven CairnsHero's DownfallHymn to TourachInquisition of KozilekKolaghan's CommandKroxa, Titan of Death's HungerLightning BoltLightning SkelementalLiliana of the VeilMagus of the MoonMarsh FlatsMaze of IthMurderous Rider // Swift EndNight's WhisperNihil SpellbombPolluted DeltaPrismatic VistaRakdos CharmRankle, Master of PranksRaven's CrimeReanimateRuinationScalding TarnShinka, the Bloodsoaked KeepShizo, Death's StorehouseSign in BloodSmoldering MarshSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered MountainSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampSnow-Covered SwampStuporSubterranean TremorsSulfurous SpringsSweltering SunsTainted PeakTerminateThoughtseizeThrill of PossibilityTormenting VoiceToxic DelugeUnearthUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothVerdant CatacombsWastelandWooded FoothillsWrench MindYahenni's Expertise