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Adarkar WastesApproach of the Second SunArcane DenialArchon of Sun's GraceArgothian EnchantressAshiok's ErasureAura of SilenceAustere CommandBountiful PromenadeBreeding PoolBrushlandBurgeoningCalix, Destiny's HandCanopy VistaClever ImpersonatorCommand TowerCyclonic RiftDelayDryad of the Ilysian GroveEarthcraftEidolon of BlossomsEiganjo CastleElspeth Conquers DeathEnchantress's PresenceEnergy FluxEnlightened TutorEstrid's InvocationEstrid, the MaskedExplorationFertile GroundForestForestForestForestForestForestFuture SightGhostly PrisonGlacial FortressGreater AuramancyHall of Heliod's GenerosityHallowed FountainHinterland HarborIdyllic TutorImprisoned in the MoonIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandKarmic JusticeKrosan VergeLeyline of AnticipationLong-Term PlansMedomai's ProphecyMesa EnchantressMind's DilationMirrormadeMystical TutorOmen of the HuntOmen of the SeaOmnisciencePlainsPlainsPrairie StreamPropagandaRegrowthReplenishRhystic StudySatyr EnchanterSea of CloudsSeaside CitadelSetessan ChampionSigil of the Empty ThroneSmothering TitheSolitary ConfinementSong of the DryadsSquirrel NestSterling GroveStony SilenceSunpetal GroveSwan SongSylvan LibraryTeferi's ProtectionTeferi, Time RavelerTemple GardenThe Mending of DominariaTuvasa the SunlitUtopia SprawlVerduran EnchantressVerity CircleWild GrowthWinds of AbandonWindswept HeathWolfwillow HavenYavimaya Coast