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Ad NauseamAngel's GraceArcane SignetAven MindcensorAzorius SignetBrainstormBreya, Etherium ShaperChaos WarpChromatic LanternCounterspellCyclonic RiftDark PetitionDark RitualDemonic ConsultationDimir SignetDisallowDispelDivining WitchDizzy SpellDoomsdayDovin's VetoDramatic ReversalFabricateFellwar StoneFlusterstormGambleGenerous GiftGitaxian ProbeGrand AbolisherGrim TutorIsochron ScepterIzzet CharmIzzet SignetLaboratory ManiacLim-Dûl's VaultLotus PetalMerchant ScrollMishra's BaubleMuddle the MixtureMystic RemoraMystical TutorNecropotenceNegateNotion ThiefOptOrzhov SignetPact of NegationPonderPongifyPreordainPrismatic LensProphetic PrismPyroblastRakdos SignetRed Elemental BlastRhystic StudyRolling EarthquakeSensei's Divining TopSerum VisionsSilenceSmothering TitheSol RingSwan SongSwords to PlowsharesThassa's OracleWear // TearWhispering MadnessWindfall