Budget Angel Tribal (EDH / Commander)

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    Strategy is pretty straightforward: Ramp hard, get out Big Creatures, beat people with them. Be sure to be secure in your position; This Deck usually won't draw a lot of agression from other players, but once you get rolling, you become a huge threat, so you got to finish people quickly. Most of your creatures have two or more reasons to be in this Deck; Goading big creatures with Basandra is an efficient way to remove them (should they attack you, as you can block with 10 angels together), or remove your opponents that can't Block as well. It's also a good way to get things tapped that could Block your Aurelia.

    Important Combos:
    Odric with everything. Keep in mind that Boros Charm can give all your creatures double strike for 2 mana if Odric is on the board. With Sigarda, everything suddenly has hexproof, herself included.
    Angel of Serenity deserves a special mention, since people play her like a roided out Angel of Sanctions. Don't forget, those cards go into their OWNERs hands once AoSerenity dies, so she can even be used to graveyard-fetch, or return stolen permanents to you.
    Samut herself also deserves a note; People forget she has flash. Don't play her on your turn unless you have a very specific reason for doing so; The Endstep of your opponent's is a much better time, and even if your mana-dorks get removed, you can tap them last second, wait until the boardwipe resolves, and still cast Samut.
    Rhythm of the Wild and Herald of War is also a nice Combo, especially if you got Samut out. Herald enters as 4/4, immediately attacks to become 5/5, and all your Angels and Humans are 2 cheaper. Goreclaw wishes he was this fabulous.

    Big Finishers (in Order of Power):
    Odric; You have so many creatures with so many good effects (just take Samut!), that every creature you play is like an extra enchantment. If you somehow can Tutor for a creature (Eladamri's, Rishkar's...), you should almost always go for Odric (unless you need the ramp of Knotvine Mystic).
    Aurelia, since two Combats are more than most people can take. If you have Sephara, or Boros Charm, you can attack without worrying about your creatures at all. This obviously only works if Aurelia is not your only creature, since her 3 Power aren't impressive. If you pair her with Samut, that's 12 Commander Damage in a round though. If you somehow get your hands on an extra turn, you can kill people with this Combo.
    Reya, since putting something from your graveyard onto the battlefield each turn will give you a heavy board advantage very quickly (as long as there is something in your graveyard. If you got Bojuka Bog-ed, don't just play Reya and expect to somehow win just from there.
    Sephara; All your good creatures fly, with Odric even your bad creatures fly. Making them indestructible will make them a pain to remove, especially in this budget range.

    Removal: You don't play a lot of artifacts or enchantments. Wiping all of them is usually worth it for your Deck, so don't worry about killing your own Sol Ring with your CNova. Sadly this Deck can't afford a lot of removal because of the budget, so you have to carefully weigh when to use your Boardwipes.
    Ramp: Always fetch for Cycle Lands if you can (except maybe with Skyshroud Claim). Most Landfetch puts lands into play tapped, so you can circumvent the biggest weakness of your cycle lands. Skyshroud Claim deserves special mention since it doesn't put lands into play tapped, so if you somehow need those two Mana, just fetch battle lands or basics.
    Fires of Yavimaya: You can sacrifice this after blockers are declared. If all you need to finish a monster (or an opponent) is two damage, this works.
    Heirloom Blade: Get it on Segovian Angel and watch your opponents struggle with a 4/2 vigilance flyer. Obviously the plan of this Combo is to kill the Segovian, but don't just block any 2/2 with her, since you still need the Mana to play whichever Angel you get with her. If a Block has good value, or an attack would kill any creature an opponent controls you should go for it, but don't just blindly charge in.
    Icon of Ancestry: Use this to stack your Deck. The +1/+1 is nice, but the tap effect is so much more important. Make sure not to use it too much if you don't have a lot of Mana though, as you can quickly fill your hand with 5-6 Mana Cards you can't play, since your Knotvine mystic just went back under your library.
    Vivien is played for flash, if you're desperate you can use her to try and draw. Her +1 is basically useless since so many of your cards have vigilance already, but don't forget to +1 her every round anyway. Don't protect her too much if you got nothing you want to play with her, killing your opponent from the Backswing of his Blightsteel Colossus is worth more than her.
    Eladamri's: You should usually tutor for Knotvine Mystic or Odric, depending on the state of the game. Sometimes getting Sephara or Sigarda is better, but not often.

    If you play against a lot of blue players, it might be a good idea to get your hands on a Vexing Shusher, or Domri, Anarch of Bolas.




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