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Archangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the PurifierArchangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the PurifierAven MindcensorBrainstormBreeding PoolCelestial ColonnadeCensorCondemnCounterspellDazeDeputy of AcquittalsDig Through TimeDovin's VetoEssence ScatterField of RuinFlooded StrandFrilled MysticGlacial FortressHallowed FountainHinterland HarborHypnotic Sprite // Mesmeric GlareIce-Fang CoatlJace, the Mind SculptorKarakasLogic KnotLumbering FallsMana LeakMarsh FlatsMental MisstepMission BriefingMisty RainforestMystic ConfluenceMystic SanctuaryMystic SnakeNightpack AmbusherOptPath to ExilePolluted DeltaRemandRestoration AngelRiptide LaboratorySavannahScalding TarnSensei's Divining TopSnapcaster MageSnow-Covered ForestSnow-Covered IslandSnow-Covered IslandSnow-Covered PlainsSpectral SailorSpell PierceSpell QuellerSpell SnareSunpetal GroveSwords to PlowsharesTemple GardenTorrential GearhulkTropical IslandTundraVendilion CliqueVenser, Shaper Savant

Blessed AllianceBlue Elemental BlastBrazen Borrower // Petty TheftCelestial PurgeDisenchantGeist of Saint TraftGrafdigger's CageMystical DisputeNature's ClaimNimble ObstructionistStonecloakerStony SilenceSupreme VerdictTeferi, Mage of ZhalfirVeil of Summer