Muldrotha - Reanimator & Card Draw (EDH / Commander)

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    Can theoretically work even if you switch Muldrotha for any other legendary sultai creature in the 99. [Tasigur, the Golden Fang can be used as the commander if your prefer to build him in a non-combo way, but I would add in a lot of cantrips such as Ponder, Brainstorm & Preordain while also replacing a good chunk of permanents in the deck with instant speed spells with the same function. Reusable ramp should be replaced by mana rocks, as those do not enter your graveyard, thus reducing the amount of "undesirable" cards in there for Tasigur's activated ability.]

    Cards like Secrets of the Dead & River Kelpie feel like unnecessary win-more cards, but they might be useful in this iteration, since there are a numerous ways to recur from the grave.
    Gravebreaker Lamia party fits into this category as well. She competes with Corpse Connoisseur, who can unearth himself without having to rely on Muldrotha.

    I did forego "classic" green ramp options such as Cultivate and Kodama's Reach and instead favored Dreamscape Artist, Harrow & Springbloom Druid, all of which fill my graveyard with lands while pulling two basic lands from my deck. They were not put in with the intent to provide fodder for Muldrotha; they were instead added due to the inclusion of The Gitrog Monster, Tatyova, Benthic Druid, Avenger of Zendikar & Hedron Crab. Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds & Crop Rotation fill a similar role. I don't think I will be keeping any of the sacrifice based ramp cards if I end up cutting a large portion of the potential pay-offs, the slow fetch lands would be replaced by scry duals as well.

    Removal options have been spread over as many different permanent types as possible. In general, permanent based cards were mostly preferred over their sorcery / instant alternatives. This does however raise your average cmc and severely reduces your ability to interact on the stack.

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