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Omnath's surge for Creation (Cedh) (EDH / Commander)

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    Why Omnath, Locus of Creation?

    This Omnath, Locus of Creation deck is based around winning with Primal Surge, but can also win through the Emiel the Blessed/Dockside Extortionist flicker combo. Beause of the limited player interaction due to the restriction placed upon it by Primal Surge we run numerous simi-competative permanent based sources of ineracting with our opponents including stax pieces and cards such as Nimble Obstructionist, Frilled Mystic, and Seal of Removal. This deck seeks to win through either Thassa's Oracle/Jace, Wielder of Mysteries or with Omnath, Locus of Creation's landfall triggers by flickering Dryad Arbor after the Emiel the Blessed/Dockside Extortionist combo.

    How do we win:

    Winning with Primal Surge
    Requirments: Requirments: Primal Surge + 10 Mana

    Cast Primal Surge
    Iterate through your deck and place all permanent cards onto the battlefield
    Enter the battlefield triggers will all happen at the same time so you can choose their ordering
    Win with either a Thassa's Oracle trigger or from Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
    *Note: Ways to trigger Jace, Wielder of Mysteries include flickering Omnath, Locus of Creation with Emiel the Blessed, activating Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, activating Teferi, Master of Time, using the Kenrith's Transformation etb, or activating Jace's Archivist. '

    *Note: To prevent the opponents from interacting with us after the resolution of Primal Surge we run Grand Abolisher alongside numerous etb based interaction and stax based interaction. There is also the potential to win at instant speed on the stack and a spicy interaction with Leyline of Anticipation and Seal of Removal to provide extra security.

    *Note: Cycling abilities such as Nimble Obstructionist and Decree of Pain can get around Grand Abolisher

    *Note: Omnath, Locus of Creation is essentially a better Lotus Cobra in the command zone. A single fetchland can generate which in many cases is enough to cast an early Primal Surge.

    Winning with Emiel/Dockside:

    Requirments: Emiel the Blessed + Dockside Extortionist + 4 opposing artifacts/enchantments

    Have Emiel the Blessed in play with opponents controlling 4+ artifacts/enchantments
    Cast Dockside Extortionist generating 4 treasures
    Activate Emiel the Blessed's ability to flicker Dockside Extortionist
    Dockside Extortionist etb trigger generates 4 treaures
    Repeat steps 3-4 indefinitely to generate infinite treasures/mana
    Cast Omnath, Locus of Creation and repeatedly flicker with Emiel the Blessed
    Win through Thassa's Oracle/Jace, Wielder of Mysteries or the Dryad Arbor combo.
    *Note: This combo is much cheaper than the Primal Surge win and much easier to find through creature etb tutors like Recruiter of the Guard and Imperial Recruiter.

    Winning with Dryad Arbor and Landfall:

    Requirments: Emiel the Blessed/Dockside Extortionist combo + 1 Land Drop

    Use the Emiel the Blessed combo to draw your deck
    Cast and Activate Elixir of Immortality putting it on top of your deck
    Play the Dryad Arbor as your land for turn
    Resolve the Omnath, Locus of Creation landfall trigger gaining 4 life
    Flicker the Dryad Arbor with Emiel the Blessed
    Resolve the Omnath, Locus of Creation landfall trigger gaining
    Flicker the Dryad Arbor with Emiel the Blessed
    Resolve the Omnath, Locus of Creation landfall trigger dealing 4 damage to each opponent.
    Flicker the Omnath, Locus of Creation with Emiel the Blessed drawing the Elixir of Immortality
    Repeat steps 2-8 replacing step 2 with "Flicker the Dryad Arbor with Emiel the Blessed" to burn opponents to death
    *Note: This combo is literally included just for style points. If you can pull off this combo you should be able to win with Thassa's Oracle
    General Deck Information

    Problematic Cards/Matchups
    Yisan, the Wanderer Bard - While Yissan has fallen out of favor he does have a few tools in his kit that can hurt us (and many food chain decks). Thought-Knot Seer can make us discard Food Chain which while not unrecoverable is still annoying. Phyrexian Revoker can straight up shutdown our ability to use Food Chain until it leaves the field. Both Caustic Caterpillar and Bane of Progress can pose a threat to our Food Chain after it hits the board. Riftsweeper probably the most "far out there" can also interupt our combo on an early verse though many Yissan decks opt not to run it.

    Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain
    Jhoira has also seemingly fallen out of favor with alot of the cEDH community, but it can still be a pain to the Omnath, Locus of Creation gameplan. Specifically, the "mass artifact bounce" cards; Rebuild, Hurkyl's Recall, Paradoxical Outcome and Retract can shut down Dockside Extortionist combos at instant speed. Using Emiel the Blessed to flicker the Dockside Extortionist threaten a win later preventing the Jhoira player from playing artifacts is great.

    This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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