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Aether GaleAether SpellbombAlloy MyrAncient Stone IdolArtificer's AssistantBarricade BreakerBeacon of UnrestBrass SquireChief of the FoundryChrome SteedClone ShellColossus HammerDarksteel JuggernautDarksteel MyrDarksteel PendantDramatic ReversalDreamstone HedronEtherium SculptorExecutioner's CapsuleFerropedeFireshriekerForebear's BladeFoundry InspectorGingerbruteGrappling HookGrinding StationHero's BladeJhoira's FamiliarJunk DiverLeaden MyrLoxodon WarhammerMask of AvacynMask of RiddlesMasterful ReplicationMetalwork ColossusMeteor GolemMind StoneMirror ShieldMycosynth WellspringMyr BattlesphereMyr GalvanizerMyr RetrieverNegateOne with the MachinePadeem, Consul of InnovationPalladium MyrRiddlesmithSalvaging StationSemblance AnvilSilas Renn, Seeker AdeptSilver MyrSoul-Guide LanternSphinx SummonerSteel HellkiteStoic RebuttalThirst for KnowledgeThoughtcastTrailblazer's BootsTribute MageTrinket MageTrophy MageWarping Wail