[WIP] List26 (EDH / Commander)

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    This deck does not appear to be legal in EDH / Commander.

    Problems: A commander deck should contain exactly 100 cards, including the commander. · You cannot play more than 1 of: Adorable Kitten, Chipper Chopper, Feisty Stegosaurus, Hoisted Hireling, Willing Test Subject. · Not legal in this format: Adorable Kitten, Aerial Toastmaster, Amateur Auteur, Ambiguity, Applied Aeronautics, Artful Looter, Bad Ass, Better Than One, Boomflinger, Bursting Beebles, Chipper Chopper, Circle of Protection: Art, Contraption Cannon, Creature Guy, Dual Doomsuits, Entirely Normal Armchair, Farewell to Arms, Fascist Art Director, Feisty Stegosaurus, First Pick, Flaccify, Gnome-Made Engine, Graphic Violence, Half-Shark, Half-, Head Banger, Hoisted Hireling, It That Gets Left Hanging, Joyride Rigger, Kill! Destroy!, Kindslaver, Knight of the Widget, Land Aid '04, Letter Bomb, Loose Lips, Mad Science Fair Project, Magic Word, Mana Flair, Mer Man, Mise, Moniker Mage, Mons's Goblin Waiters, Mother of Goons, Name Dropping, Now I Know My ABC's, Painiac, Persecute Artist, Punctuate, Quick-Stick Lick Trick, Rare-B-Gone, Remodel, Sauté, Secret Base, Selfie Preservation, Spy Eye, Staff of the Letter Magus, Stinging Scorpion, Super-Duper Death Ray, Supersize, Three-Headed Goblin, Thud-for-Duds, Time Out, Vile Bile, Willing Test Subject, Zombie Fanboy, _____.

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