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Akiri, Line-SlingerAnya, Merciless AngelArchmage AscensionArixmethes, Slumbering IsleAurelia, the WarleaderBaleful StrixBeacon of TomorrowsBlue Elemental BlastBreya, Etherium ShaperBringer of the Blue DawnBruse Tarl, Boorish HerderChance for GloryConfluxCrackling DoomCultural ExchangeDamia, Sage of StoneDarksteel PlateDay's UndoingDelver of Secrets // Delver of SecretsDictate of KruphixDimir CharmDisallowDreamborn MuseDuneblastEladamri's CallEthersworn AdjudicatorFaerie ArtisansFeather, the RedeemedFell the MightyFevered VisionsFiremind's ResearchForced FruitionGather SpecimensGaze of GraniteGeist of Saint TraftGifts UngivenGisela, Blade of GoldnightGlissa, the TraitorIkra Shidiqi, the UsurperIridescent AngelIzoni, Thousand-EyedIzzet CharmJace, Architect of ThoughtJenara, Asura of WarJin-Gitaxias, Core AugurKalemne, Disciple of IroasKefnet the MindfulKiora, the Crashing WaveKraum, Ludevic's OpusKynaios and Tiro of MeletisLicia, Sanguine TribuneLightning AngelLudevic, Necro-AlchemistLuminarch AscensionMagus of the JarMartial CoupMazirek, Kraul Death PriestMemory PlunderMerciless EvictionMind's DesireMission BriefingMomir Vig, Simic VisionaryNaban, Dean of IterationNegatePhyrexian RebirthProgenitor MimicRavnica at WarReins of PowerRiddlekeeperRighteous AuthoritySecond ChanceSharuum the HegemonSidar Kondo of JamuraaSilas Renn, Seeker AdeptSkullbriar, the Walking GraveSorin, Vengeful BloodlordTamiyo, Collector of TalesTariel, Reckoner of SoulsThe MimeoplasmThreads of DisloyaltyTime ReversalTime WipeTime WipeUnnatural SelectionUtter EndVexing SphinxVorosh, the HunterWhirlpool WarriorWords of WindZedruu the Greathearted