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Ardenn and Kediss: Partner Voltron (EDH / Commander)

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    As soon as I saw Kediss and Ardenn, I knew they were a strong partner pair for voltron because Kediss negates one of the biggest drawbacks about the voltron strategy which is doing damage to opponent at a time. There's also been a lot of good equipment and equipment support, especially for Boros, in the past few sets that makes building a voltron equipment deck easier than ever.

    Cards like Fervent Champion, Maul of the Skycaves, Reyav, Master Smith, and Armored Skyhunter have all been printed recently and add tons of value and support to the strategy. Armored Skyhunter is very good because its almost guaranteed you'll hit something when looking at the top six of your library and there's enough haste enablers in the deck to allow you to do it the turn it comes out. The last two years has also seen a printing of strong equipment and auras that have a low casting cost and / or low equipment cost. Commander's Plate, Shadowspear, All That Glitters, and Seraphic Greatsword are all must includes in a voltron Boros deck. I've personally had each of these cards play a huge role in closing out games. The deck is very low costed, so I includes lots d draw and tutors.

    Tutoring for equipment and enchantment is very well supported in White and adds a lot consistency and flexibility to the deck. I thought Scourglass was an interesting add to the deck because (1) I've never seen it played and (2) it leaves me with my most important cards while leaving my opponents with just their mana producers. I also thought Scrap Mastery would be an interesting alternative to Open the Vaults (which was in an earlier version of the deck). I've found that the difference between 5 mana and 6 mana in such a low costed deck can be a big difference; plus, Scrap Mastery more often negatively affects opponents the Open the Vaults. I've leaned into Double-Strike as a much as possible since there's a lot of synergy between equipment, voltron, and combat damage (no duh, right).

    There's not much else I plan to change in the deck unless some new and strong equipment or equipment support cards come out. I expect there will be given how the past two years have really pushed equipment, and by proxy voltron, as a theme.


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