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Alchemist's RefugeAltar of DementiaAnimate DeadArchetype of EnduranceBasalt MonolithBirds of ParadiseBlighted BatBloodghastBojuka BogBotanical SanctumBreeding PoolBuried AliveCareful StudyCaustic CaterpillarCephalid ColiseumChanneler InitiateCity of BrassCommand TowerCrucible of WorldsCrypt of AgadeemCryptic CavesDakmor SalvageDeathrite ShamanDevoted DruidDread ReturnDreamborn MuseElvish MysticEntombEternal WitnessExotic OrchardFetid PoolsFinal PartingFinale of DevastationFlooded GroveForbidden OrchardGeier Reach SanitariumGolgari Grave-TrollGolgari ThugGravewakerHapless ResearcherHedron CrabHermit DruidIpnu RivuletJin-Gitaxias, Core AugurKederekt LeviathanLaboratory ManiacLife from the LoamLiving DeathLlanowar ElvesLlanowar WastesMana ConfluenceMesmeric OrbMisty RainforestMuldrotha, the GravetideMulldrifterNarcomoebaNecromancyNecrotic OozeNephalia DrownyardNevinyrral's DiskNight IncarnateNykthos, Shrine to NyxOpulent PalaceOvergrown TombPernicious DeedPerpetual TimepiecePhenax, God of DeceptionPlaguecrafterPolluted DeltaRazaketh, the FoulbloodedReanimateReflecting PoolRegrowthRiver KelpieSeal of DoomSeal of PrimordiumSequestered StashShambling ShellShriekmawSol RingSpore FrogStinkweed ImpStitch TogetherSunken HollowSurvival of the FittestSwiftfoot BootsSylvan CaryatidTamiyo, Collector of TalesTarnished CitadelTemple of DeceitTemple of MaladyTemple of MysteryThe Gitrog MonsterThespian's StageThran QuarryTwilight MireUrborg ElfVictimizeWaterlogged GroveWatery Grave