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Animatou Planeswalkers EDH (EDH / Commander)

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    The goal of this deck is to first set up a value engine in which a critical mass of planeswalkers create a bunch of "free" spells each turn, making everything snowball out of control. After ramping, the first step is to minimize the number of good attacks that your opponents can make. This can be done by using expendable bodies (Creatures that replace themselves or better or tokens) to block most incoming attacks. Next, planeswalkers are placed down carefully in order to control the board. The planeswalkers must be placed down with caution; if you drop a powerful planeswalker too early, it could get taken out in a matter of a turn cycle. Once we reach a stage in which we are prepared to make a winning move, we have to make sure that one or more of the following is true:
    -All of our opponents have no instant-speed answers
    -We have a layer of protection (A counterspell)
    After about turn 5-6, unless we are ready to make a winning move, we should hold up mana for an answer to a possible spell. If we don't encounter a spell, for many of our counterspells, we could just cash them in for cards.
    Key Cards:
    -Oath of Teferi: It doubles up out loyalty abilities, allowing for extra explosive turns and extra value.
    -Agent of Treachery: If we blink Agent over and over, we can steal most of our opponents' threats.
    -Spell Swindle: It allows for very explosive turns and can counter a key spell.
    -Spark Double: Combos with Oath of Teferi and Aminatou. It can copy our best creature or planeswalker.
    -Temporal Mastery: We can use Aminatou to put it on top of our library, and cast it for its miracle cost on Turn 4. It puts us far ahead.
    -Entreat the Angels: Similar to Temporal Mastery, but it can assemble a large token army that's nearly impossible to attack through.
    -Dovin Baan / Narset Transcendent / Venser, the Sojourner: They have ults that can win the game on the spot.
    -Wishclaw Talisman: We can use it to tutor for our best card, then blink it back with Aminatou. Note that your opponents cannot activate it during your turn because 'you' refers to the controller.
    -Teferi, Temporal Archmage: The -1 gives us tons of mana to spend.

    This was a really fun deck to make, and I really hope you enjoy it!


    This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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