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Sisay - Enduring Shrines ⛩️ (EDH / Commander)

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    I've built this deck around two Enchantment themes which I always found interesting, namely the Shrines and the sorcery Enduring Ideal. The goal of this deck is to cast either Enduring Ideal or Sanctum of All, whilst in a defensible position. As either card can really out-value your opponents and kill them by either amassing Upkeep triggers or Locking them out the game.

    Early game
    During the early game your main goal is to survive, ramp, get cheap enchantments (such as Sterling Grove, The cheap Shrines, Paradox Haze) on the board and draw to find Enduring Ideal. If you're lucky, you might either get Blackblade Reforged or Helm of the Gods in play. This allows you to easily activate Sissay and Tutor for Chromatic Orrery, Sanctum of All, The Prismatic Bridge, etc. Sissay herself can also tutor for Blackblade Reforged in the early game, but this is relatively slow and gives your opponents lots of time to react.

    Mid game
    During the mid game you're hopefully getting some good draw value from the Enchantresses. The deck used to run Ghostly Prison & Propaganda, yet i've removed them, as (2) is just not enough for Opponent's to stop attacking you. I might want to include more Boardwipes, but this is something I'll have to test in person. Besides, I am also unsure where to cut the necessary cards.

    Late game
    The goal is to either Tutor for Sanctum of All using Sissay or find Enduring Ideal through draw and/or Solve the Equation. Once you have Enduring Ideal, you can use the first activation to cast Solitary Confinement / Out of Time / Dovescape. It is of great importance to, from now on, lock down the game by preventing your opponents from dealing with the Value you bring out. The best card combinations for this are:

    If the board is clear and your opponents don't have much to use against you, you might instead want to opt for Paradox Haze or Sanctum of All to start stacking the value earlier.

    Then you win the game by abusing Shrine triggers!

    If you have any questions or useful pieces of advice, don't be afraid to put them in the comments!



    This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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