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Feather Damage Reflection (EDH / Commander)

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    Basically if you like having a lot of self protection and random spikes of god tier table damage, glad to have you here. Feather works as your personal toolbox, use all your spells on your own creatures and then use other spells to protect them, like Fight as one. Use Sunforger to tutor your spells to hand by playing them on your own creatures while feather is on field. Spell resolves and feather triggers to hand. Whole idea is to sit on your ass throwing damage back into opponent's faces with cards like Gideon's Sacrifice on Truefire Captain or any of your other damage reflect creatures, then protect truefire from the damage with Invincible spells that all cycle to hand from feather. Throw in Star of Extinction on your Zada, Hedron Grinder and 2 or 3 of your reflect creatures, Cast Arcbond and self protect with any spell that protects your life or reflects damage you take to creature, worship, pariah, selfless squire etc. One shot table. Also Spiritualize is fun cause damage thrown by reflect creatures CAN and will have lifelink applied. SO for added fun Have Boros Reckoner on field. Cast Volcano Hellion for 18 Billion Life, Use teferi's protection or Angel's grace to protect self life, Spiritualize your Boros, Throw 18 Billion Damage at him, Arcbond him. Deal 18 billion to table and heal for 18 Billion X Number of players. Or more practically just use Spiritualize on Coalhauler Swine and protect yourself from all damage you throw at it by healing equal to players hit. Is Fun...Sit on ass....randomly deal full table one shots from nowhere.



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