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Copy of: The Best Targeted Creature Removal for EDH (Card List)

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Every commander deck should have creature removal. No exceptions. Depending on your deck's color you might not be able to run a lot (looking at you mono-green) but you can always run some. At least 5 when possible. While I've tried to include removal that works in all decks, make sure you really asses which cards will be right for your deck. Cards like Ulvenwald Tracker and Outnumber might not always work.

Most everything on this list is 3 mana or less. Cards that are more than that either hit multiple targets (Ugin, the Spirit Dragon), or can also hit noncreature targets (Decimate). Ideally, you want your removal to be 2 mana or less, and instant-speed. The best ones for each color are Swords to Plowshares, Rapid Hybridization, Go for the Throat (Hero's Downfall is arguably better), Abrade (arguably Chaos Warp), and Beast Within.

I will not be surprised if I missed a few cards... or a lot. There are many pieces of creature removal out there, so please leave a comment if I missed a good one. Keep in mind, this list is for targeted creature removal, not mass creature removal. You should get to chose what gets removed (cards that target all opponents, like Merciless Executioner are the exception).

I'd love to hear what you think of this list.


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