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Fogs. A primer on defensive combat tricks that prevent damage. (Card List)

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Hello, I'm Cosmic_Insight, and I'm here to talk about one of the least salty, underplayed card types: Fogs!

Fogs - A Short Primer


A fog is a defensive card that prevents all damage that would be dealt to you. They are primarily defensive in nature, and although spells exist that can protect only creatures from damage or stop only one creature from dealing combat damage, those are not the focus of this primer. Fogs are found primarily in green, although white also has a few options. Fogs are called fogs because of the archtype's signature card, fog, which is still one of the best cards for the theme out there.

>How do you use fogs?

Fogs work best in slower, more combat based metas where counterspells aren't as pervalent. Nothing feels worse than getting your fog countered and dying from a massive attack. In some scenarios when you intend to play a fog, you will want to block some or as many as you can of the attacking creatures, while other times, looking like you're prepared to take the hit is the best option. It's all really about threat assessment.

>The two types of fogs

This primer contains my list of semi-playable to definitely playable fog-like effects. However, I have divided thecards into two catergories: deterrent fogs and surprise fogs. A surprise fog is an instant-speed effect that will prevent all the combat damage that an opponent would deal to you, while a deterrent fog is an effect on a permanent like Spore Frog that persuades opponents to not attack you (attack me and I'll use my Spore frog, for example.) Deterrent fogs can lend themselves to a pillowfort-esque strategy, while a good old fashioned surprise fog is a great way to not die, or to save another player in EDH. **Surprise fogs can have some serious political power in that way."

>How many fogs do I want?

Any deck that can run a fog should play one. I would not reccomend more than two unless you're playing some sort of anarchy deck such as Thantis, the Warweaver. Then again, fogs are fairly niche, and not every deck needs them.

>Which fogs are worth running?

Some of my particular favorites include:


9/10/21 - Primer written and submitted.
1/24/22 - We got verified!


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