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Giant Arcade (Casual)

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This deck actually revolves around creating 7/7 giant tokens with the Giant Opportunity card. They are the main fighters in this deck and since you have lots of handy cards like curious pair, golden goose, and gingerbread cabin, it should be really easy to have food handy for those opportunities. Additionally, once a single giant procs, with sundering growth, druid's deliverance, and growing ranks, you can create 1, 2, even 3 extra giants with the "populate" mechanic. So far in play testing this deck, it's not uncommon to end up taking some damage while you wait a turn or two for your cards, however once you have your giants available (which could be turn 3 or 4), you can start taking wild 30 damage swings. THEN, if that wasn't bad enough, for a lowly single green mana you can attach a rancor to those giants, to give them +2 power AND trample. Only a few cards are necessary for you to take game-winning tramply massive swipes at your opponent. The giant killers are included as a small blocker, and also something to help tear down your opponent's defenses so your giants can deal direct damage.

This deck is also handy because it has a few "plan B's" built into it, kind of on accident. The worst thing that can happen is that you never draw your Giant Opportunity, or don't get it in time. In that case, i've actually ended up winning games by using a combo of stalling by eating all the extra food you have, and also using insatiable appetites and giant growths to buff up your elves or giant killers and take little jabs.

The ability to, almost shockingly, manifest several 7/7 creatures, potentially with trample, to the battlefield is the main twist to this deck. The combo of instants and enchantments with "populate" make it so you can add to your lineup of giants both during your turn AND your opponents. In fact I rather love when I can disenchant something on my opponent's creature, create a giant token, AND get to attack with it next turn because it doesn't suffer summoning sickness in that case. One of the only changes I currently have in mind is to replace the llanowar elves with birds of paradise, serving the same function, but better, and with flying.


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