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Ancient TombAngel of DespairAngel of SerenityAngelic ArbiterArcane SignetArchfiend of DespairArmageddonAurelia, the WarleaderAvacyn, Angel of HopeBalefire DragonBattlefield ForgeBlood CryptBoros SignetCaves of KoilosClifftop RetreatCommand TowerCouncil's JudgmentDeflecting SwatDemonic TutorDockside ExtortionistDoom WhispererDragon MageDragon TempestDragonskull SummitDrakuseth, Maw of FlamesExotic OrchardFellwar StoneFetid HeathGisela, Blade of GoldnightGiver of RunesGodless ShrineGrand AbolisherGraven CairnsGrim TutorHall of the Bandit LordHellkite ChargerHellkite TyrantIdyllic TutorImp's MischiefIsolated ChapelKaalia of the VastLightning GreavesLinvala, Keeper of SilenceLord of the VoidLuxury SuiteMagus of the MoatMana ConfluenceMana CryptMaster of CrueltiesMother of RunesMountainMountainMountainMountainOrzhov SignetPath to ExilePhyrexian ArenaPhyrexian ReclamationPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsQuicksilver AmuletRakdos SignetRazaketh, the FoulbloodedRugged PrairieRune-Scarred DemonSacred FoundrySavai TriomeScourge of the ThroneSephara, Sky's BladeSilent ClearingSire of InsanitySol RingSower of DiscordSteel HellkiteStoneforge MysticStrionic ResonatorSulfurous SpringsSunbaked CanyonSwampSwampSwampSwampSwiftfoot BootsSword of Feast and FamineSwords to PlowsharesTalisman of ConvictionTalisman of HierarchyTalisman of IndulgenceTerror of the PeaksThundermaw HellkiteTitheUnderworld ConnectionsUtvara HellkiteVampiric TutorVandalblastVilis, Broker of BloodVolrath's StrongholdWear // Tear