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Curse of BloodlettingCurse of Stalked PreyEmrakul, the Promised EndFinale of GloryFoul RenewalFuryborn HellkiteGadrak, the Crown-ScourgeGalvanothGideon BlackbladeHorde of NotionsKoth of the HammerKothophed, Soul HoarderKykar, Wind's FuryLight from WithinMomentous FallMu Yanling, Sky DancerPiper of the SwarmRenegade DoppelgangerRenegade KrasisReweaveSarkhan the MadSarkhan, FirebloodShaman of the Great HuntSlaughter the StrongSlayers' StrongholdSudden DisappearanceSunrise SovereignTake PossessionTeferi, TimebenderTerra StomperThrone of EmpiresTibalt, the Fiend-BloodedTilonalli's SummonerTitan ForgeTocatli Honor GuardWar ElementalWhirlwind of Thought