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Amass the ComponentsAsh BarrensBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryBala Ged Recovery // Bala Ged SanctuaryBeast WithinBehold the MultiverseBlighted WoodlandBlinkmoth NexusBrainstormCall the ScionsCallous DismissalCareful ConsiderationChanneled ForceClear the MindCommand TowerCrystal VeinDragonlord's PrerogativeDream CacheDream FractureEdge of AutumnEvolving WildsExotic OrchardExperimental OverloadExploreFact or FictionFateful ShowdownFire ProphecyFiremind's ForesightForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestFrantic SearchGaea's BlessingGlimpse of FreedomGrow from the AshesGrowth SpasmGrowth SpiralHarrowHieroglyphic IlluminationHonor the God-PharaohIlluna, Apex of WishesImpulseInscription of InsightInsistInto the StoryIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIzzet CharmJace's IngenuityKhalni GardenLat-Nam's LegacyLazotep PlatingLearn from the PastManipulate FateMishra's FactoryMountainMyriad LandscapeMystic ConfluenceOmniscienceOnce and FutureOpportunityPeer Through DepthsPetals of InsightPirate's PillagePirate's PrizePrecognitive PerceptionPrimal CommandProphetic BoltPrying EyesPulse of the GridRain of RevelationRegrowthRoiling RegrowthSearch for TomorrowSee BeyondSeize the SpoilsSilundi Vision // Silundi IsleSilundi Vision // Silundi IsleSpawning BreathSprouting RenewalSupreme WillTerramorphic ExpanseThoughtflareThrill of PossibilityTolarian WindsUrban EvolutionValakut Awakening // Valakut StoneforgeValakut Awakening // Valakut Stoneforge