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Akroma's WillAnguished UnmakingAnointed ProcessionAnowon, the Ruin SageBattlefield ForgeBishop of BindingBishop of RebirthBlood Baron of VizkopaBlood CryptBlood TributeBloodline Keeper // Lord of LineageBloodline Keeper // Lord of LineageBloodline NecromancerBloodlord of VaasgothBojuka BogButcher of MalakirCaptivating VampireCastle EmberethCastle LocthwainCathars' CrusadeCavern of SoulsCaves of KoilosChampion of DuskChaos WarpClifftop RetreatCommand TowerCordial VampireDemonic TutorDesparkDiabolic IntentDragonskull SummitDrana, Liberator of MalakirDrana, the Last BloodchiefEdgar MarkovElenda, the Dusk RoseExquisite BloodFetid HeathGodless ShrineGraven CairnsIndulgent AristocratIsolated ChapelJeweled LotusKheru Mind-EaterKindred DominanceKnight of the Ebon LegionLegion LieutenantLicia, Sanguine TribuneLightning GreavesLuxury SuiteMana ConfluenceMerciless EvictionMirror EntityMountainNecropolis RegentNew BloodNighthawk ScavengerNomad OutpostPath of AncestryPatron of the VeinPhyrexian ArenaPhyrexian TowerPlainsPlainsPlainsPurphoros, God of the ForgeReturn to DustRuinous UltimatumSacred FoundrySanctum SeekerSangromancerSanguine BondSavai TriomeSkullclampSmoldering MarshSmothering TitheSol RingSorin, Imperious BloodlordSorin, Lord of InnistradStromkirk CaptainSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwords to PlowsharesTainted FieldTeferi's ProtectionTemple of the False GodToxic DelugeTwilight ProphetUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothVampire NighthawkVampire NocturnusVampiric TutorVault of the ArchangelVish Kal, Blood ArbiterVito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseVoldaren Pariah // Abolisher of BloodlinesVoldaren Pariah // Abolisher of BloodlinesVona's HungerVona, Butcher of MaganWestvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane PrinceWestvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince