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Copy of: Golos Generates Generous Groups of Giant Golden Golems (EDH / Commander)

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    Golems have been around since Alpha. The literal beginning of the game. They are found in most sets as snuck in flavor of how a world crafts an immortal soldier, but there's still no dedicated tribe support! But for now, we have Golos who is just a scout odly enough.

    Golos is generically powerful; able to cheat out some huge golems and has some other synergies being an artifact creature.

    The deck is mostly straight forward. Amass resources to bring large amounts of golems to the battlefield.

    We have Golem Foundry esk cards that turn energy into beaters, splicers who make tokens on etb, and big stompy lone Golems to be cheated out with Golos.

    We have a suite of cards that interact with energy counters dismantle being my favorite. Dismantle your own surge node or Eternity Vessle for extra turns, golems, mana, or even plop them on Golos for the Commander damage kill.

    Blink engines can ramp us with Golos, or give us more golems with the splicers.

    We are running cards like Composite Golem, Training Grounds and Biomancer's Familiar to get more activations on Golos and more cards to the battlefield.

    This deck is at best playable. Even if I were to add a few more hundred dollars to the deck it still will fundamentally be an underpowered Golos Deck.

    All I want is a decent Golem tribal deck!

    Something like "Whenever an Artificer enters the battlefield create a 3/3 colorless golem artifact creature token"

    Or "Artificer's have hexproof. Golems have Indestructible"

    Or "Whenever you sacrifice a permanent you may pay 1; create a 3/3 colorless golem artifact creature token"

    Really there is dozens of ways you could take it. Karn is one of the most iconic characters in all of Magic, but his tribe is still yet to receive a dedicated commander.

    For now I have this janky, but fun Golos deck. A step up from my last Tiro and Kynaios Golem deck, but still far from great.


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