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Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha X Werewolves X Land destruction (EDH / Commander)

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    Here is my take on a EDH Werewolf deck that I believe is fairly competitive. There are a few combos in this deck that should help us win. Werewolves in Magic heavily rely on preventing, stopping or incentivizing others to not cast spells to keep your creatures transformed, and more powerful. Although the Commmander Ulrich of the Krallenhorde & Huntmaster of the Fells benefit from going back and forth, which is a direction I hope they take werewolves in the future but I digress.

    Immerwolf is a wolf that keeps our werewolves transformed, and when Geier Reach Bandit transforms she has our other werewolves enter the battlefield already transformed which gets us access to our big creatures faster. Breakneck Rider gives attackers a small buff and trample, Instigator Gang gives a bigger buff but only has trample himself, and Hinterland Logger just has trample. Silverfur Partisan gets us wolf tokens if our creatures become the targets of spells.

    Burning Earth and Manabarbs are enchantments that both hurt opponents when they tap a land for mana, and Price of glory destroys lands if opponents use them when its not their turn, and Dwarven Miner can be tapped to destroy nonbasic lands! Blood moon turns nonbasic lands into mountains, which especially hurts if they aren't using red mana. Lurking predators also lets us cast a creature for free if opponents cast spells, while Duskwatch Recruiter can help us cheat creatures out as well.

    We have sorceries like Circuitous Route, Cultivate, Explosive Vegetation & Kodama's Reach for ramp, which is pretty easy to do in green. We also utilize creatures like Ulvenwald Captive & Scorned Villager in both forms for mana ramp, and Springleaf Drum & Cryptolith Rite turns all creautres into mana as well just by tapping them. This will be especially useful after we destroy lands, we will still have access to mana, as well as having Crucible of worlds to plays lands from the grave yard or Splendid Reclamation to bring back all mana in the graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

    Keldon Firebombers comes into play and destroys most lands, and Detritivore can help us do the same with an investment of mana. Dingus egg will help us capitalize on lands hitting the graveyard. Roiling Terrain can be used as a finisher for graveyards filled with lands.

    Here is the main combo to prevent spell casting. Using Winter Orb, to keep your opponents lands tapped while it is untapped, and using Clock of Omens and Icy Manipulator to Tap it at the end of the opponent before you's turn ends so that you can untap all your own lands and then untap it after your turn to continue to prevent opponents access to mana

    This deck could be improved, and the price increased, if tutors were added to get specific cards as needed



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