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Pauper Voltron Pals (PDH) (EDH / Commander)

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    Pauper EDH is an alternative format that uses any uncommon creature as the commander and the 99 are commons.

    This 5 colour voltron deck has Sphinx of the Guildpact as the commander.

    This was one of the first PDH decks I made, I've updated it since and have leaned more into the voltron plan and less into the 6cmc< creature + dragon aura synergy.
    The deck now has most of the hybrid mana auras that reward two-coloured creatures, more mana fixing, more sources of lifelink, slightly fewer "board wipes", more card selection but less card advantage, my pet card Vanishing and some new cards from commander legends.

    Since it's 5 colour we run a lot of ramp that doubles as mana fixing, some of the best cards from each colour and a ton of tutors & auras. The mana base for a 5 colour deck isn't the easiest in PDH but the lands added in Jumpstart (Thriving Grove etc) help a lot.

    Since Sphinx has hexproof from mono-coloured the only removal we have to worry about is non-targeted (Pestilence, Crypt Rats) and two-coloured removal such as Terminate, Unmake, Ground Assault, (Dinrova Horror?) and deathtouch creatures, for the latter we have some first strike / unblockable auras. Another threat is edict effects (Innocent Blood, Chainer's Edict etc), for this we have Night Soil and sometimes an Angelic Renewal + Auramancer combo.
    Vanishing not only handles such threats but also keeps our auras safe since they phase out with our commander.

    What to tutor for depends a lot on the boardstate but I've noted the most likely best tutor target on the tutors above.

    I've decided to omit Rhystic Study & Mystic Remora, feel free to include them if you want to.

    If you have any ideas or questions, please let me know!




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