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Radiant's Flying Friends (PDH) (EDH / Commander)

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    Pauper EDH is an alternative format that uses any uncommon creature as the commander and the 99 are commons. Technically this is EDH legal too!

    This selesnya deck is built around Radiant, Serra Archangel. Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood is only here as a mana dork & green commander colour.

    Radiant makes for an okay voltron commander as she can get protection on demand however you need another flying creature on board. She costs a whopping 7 mana and does nothing ETB, there is without a doubt better voltron commanders in PDH but I wanted to give making the deck a try.

    Starting out you want to ramp, ramp and ramp. Best case scenario is:
    Land + Mana dork / mercadian tapland (Hickory Woodlot / Remote Farm) -> Land + Gilanra -> Land + Ramp + Flying Creature -> Land + Radiant
    Devoted Druid, Growth Spasm and the mercadian taplands alter the curve a bit but Radiant on T4 with a flying creature is as good as it gets.
    Cultivate & Kodama's Reach may seem like they compete with Gilanra on T2 but they're played T3 to help the odds for lands on T3 and T4 and leaves you with 2 mana to hopefully play a flying creature.

    However before we commit to playing Radiant we need a flying creature or two on board. At the moment the deck only has 15, should probably run more. Most of our flying creatures have some other utility, for example enchantment removal by Cloudchaser Kestrel & Wispmare, Mistmoon Griffin brings back another creature if it dies, Syndicate Messenger has to "die twice", Spirit en-Kor can redirect damage to Radiant, who in turn can protect against it, Griffin Dreamfinder & Custodi Squire & Sanctum Gargoyle recur cards from the graveyard.
    Rustwing Falcon, Angelic Wall, Wall of Resistance and War Screecher are in the deck to increase the odds of having a flying unit on T4 along with Radiant, they're also reasonably durable.
    Ornithopter can be played the same turn Radiant, Pili-Pala can pay 2 to untap to protect Radiant again, but it is a 1/1. I think they're good for the deck but I'm not certain.

    Angelic Renewal and Broken Fall are some backup protection that can also save our flying creatures. Night Soil is graveyard hate & makes chump blockers.

    Most of our Voltron pieces can be played guilt-free before playing Radiant; Rancor, Sentinel's Eyes, Dragon Fangs, Dragon Scales, the equipment, Moldervine Cloak and Kinsbaile Courier.
    Ethereal Armor, Predatory Hunger, Ancestral Mask, Armadillo Cloak, Snake Umbra and Squire's Devotion are best saved for Radiant. Soul's Might is one heck of a finisher, with almost any other buff Radiants attacks becomes a one-shot since commander damage is 16 in PDH.
    Sigil of the Nayan Gods can be cycled in a pinch.

    For removal we have Afterlife, Crib Swap, Oblivion Ring and Mold Shambler.

    Weaknesses of the deck are first and foremost the unreliable voltron plan since our commander doesn't have hexproof or shroud. Without flying creatures or Whispersilk Cloak she's easy to remove. Secondly our deck has a bit of a dearth of removal, wide decks can most likely circumvent our voltron commander unless our lifelink is online. A lot of our ramp is creature-based, so a 1 damage sweep can set us back considerably, but I still believe it's better than the ~2cmc permanent ramp options.
    Also worth noting is Radiant doesn't have protection against colourless, so Universal Solvent and Scour from Existence while expensive, are answers.

    If you have a question or suggestion, please let me know :-)





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