Dimir GPG (Standard)

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    A double win-condition spin on God-Pharaoh's Gift in U/B. You run a very similar strategy to a normal GPG deck, but you can pull out surprise wins even if your God-Pharaoh's is dealt with, using Marionette Master in combination with a variety of other effects in order to kill your opponent.

    A glut of creatures (26 in total), offers you a variety of methods for value from God-Pharaoh's.

    I am still unsure of the value of Dreamstealer in the deck. Potential replacement options all feel rather sub-par, and it comes in at a busy point in the curve. Still, it could hold value against virtually every kind of deck, coming in as a Menace attacker that must be blocked, or automatically trade for a card in the opponent's hand, or coming back as a Hasty menace guy for 4, and automatically pretty much emptying the opponent's hand to seal the game.

    Battle at the Bridge is a great backup answer to cards like Hazoret, Glorybringer and even Rekingling Phoenix, allowing you to pop the bird for 4 mana (Essentially Vraska's Contempt Lite)


    Prezzo sideboard: 26.61 € | $ 19.79

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Jan 18 — Apr 18)!

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