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Copy of: Kaalia of the Vast - Competitive (EDH / Commander)

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    This deck is the result of many tests and improvements over the years.

    Main goal
    Place powerful creatures quickly on the battlefield and win the game with 1 or 2 attacks.

    For this, there are 4 possible strategies:

    1 - The fast: Discard a creature, revive it and force your opponent to worry about it in the first turns.

    2 - The classic: Put Kaalia of the Vast on the battlefield, preferably with Haste and protection, attack and place a powerful creature.

    3 - The slow: With the support of ramp cards, launch creatures with mana cost between 4 and 6.

    4 - The combo: Attack with Master of Cruelties (if you place with Kaalia, better) and make sure that it will not be blocked.

    Note: Our commander enters the battlefield with a target on her forehead, so it is very important to remember that it will not always be possible to play with her. Therefore, we have alternative strategies with reanimate, ramp and combo.

    Main functions

    Haste: To be fast is essential, the faster we go, the more chances we have to control the battlefield. This also decreases our opponent's chances of reaction. For that, we have specialized cards, equipments and some lands.

    Attack: Cards focused exclusively on aggressiveness or the growth of the battlefield. Among them are some cards to double the damage dealt or create strong creature tokens.

    Draw and Discard: This is an important part of our strategy, allowing us to put creatures in the graveyard so that we can revive them. In addition, drawing cards increases our action options in the game.

    Reanimate: Our opponent will remove our best creatures and being able to reuse them is an important feature, especially at the late game when we depend more on the top draw. It also allows us to put expensive creatures on the battlefield, paying much less for it.

    Ramp: An extremely important function in our race for initial control of the battlefield. We can take advantage of one or two turns with the signets and reduce the cost of cast our creatures.

    Dual Lands: We have the best cost/benefit of dual lands and this already solves many problems. I avoided many lands that come into play tapped because that is against our strategy. If you have money, you can improve even more.

    Auxiliary functions

    Removal: Our opponent will also have some uncomfortable cards or even an essential commander, in those moments it is good to have the possibility of eliminating them. Therefore, in addition to some creatures we have the best removal spells, with low cost and the possibility of removing any permanent.

    Global removal: We know that we will not always be in control of the board and, when that happens, a global removal is a great option to try to get back in the game. I selected those most likely to give us an advantage after cast, either for not killing our creatures or for allowing us to cast a creature in sequence.

    Tutor: As it is an auxiliary function, do not invest a lot in tutors because high cost ones can delay us and low cost ones are very expensive. Even so, having the possibility to tutor is always good.

    Protection: Just like the equipment that gives haste, these are cards that help in the mission of keeping Kaalia of the Vast more turns on the battlefield. In addition, some creatures serve to protect our board or be a surprise element to frustrate our opponent.

    Control: It is an auxiliary function that allows us to brake our opponent a little. So, we have some resources to hinder the opponent if his deck is aggressive or fast-growing.


    This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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