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Aqueous FormArcane AdaptationArtificer's AssistantAshiok, Dream RenderAzra SmokeshaperBaleful StrixBarrin, Tolarian ArchmageBojuka BogBrainstormChangeling OutcastCommand TowerCommit // MemoryConnive // ConcoctConsign // OblivionCounterspellCunning EvasionDarkwater CatacombsDevastation TideDig Through TimeDimir GuildgateDimir InfiltratorDimir SignetDiscovery // DispersalDismal BackwaterDracoFaerie SeerFallen ShinobiFamiliar's RuseGingerbruteGudul LurkerHalimar DepthsHypnotic SirenIngenious InfiltratorIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandJace's PhantasmJwar Isle RefugeKarn's Temporal SunderingMausoleum WandererMisdirectionMist-Cloaked HeraldMist-Syndicate NagaMistblade ShinobiMortuary MireMurderous CutMystic SanctuaryNever // ReturnNinja of the Deep HoursNotion ThiefOrnithopterPart the WaterveilPonderPortentPrice of FameRags // RichesReconnaissance MissionScheming SymmetrySilent-Blade OniSiren StormtamerSkullsnatcherSlither BladeSmoke ShroudSnuff OutSol RingSpectral SailorSpell PierceSubmergeSubmerged BoneyardSunken HollowSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampTemporal MasteryTemporal TrespassTetsuko Umezawa, FugitiveThroatseekerTormented SoulTreasure CruiseTriton ShorestalkerWindcaller AvenWitch's CottageYuriko, the Tiger's Shadow