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BonesplitterChromatic LanternCrystal BallCultivator's CaravanDarksteel ColossusDarksteel IngotDarksteel PlateDragon Throne of TarkirDruidic SatchelExpedition MapFiligree FamiliarGilded LotusGrafted WargearIsochron ScepterKey to the CityLightning GreavesLoxodon WarhammerMindslaverMolten-Tail MasticoreMyr BattlesphereObelisk of AlaraOrnithopterPentavusPerilous MyrPrecursor GolemRatchet BombSkullclampSnare ThopterSol RingSolemn SimulacrumSoul FoundrySpecter's ShroudSwiftfoot BootsSword of KaldraSword of VengeanceThran DynamoTriskelionWhispersilk Cloak