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sefris precon upgraded (EDH / Commander)

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This is a very inexpensive upgrade that mainly focuses on adding more venture triggers and focusing the deck on the graveyard, and graveyard venture triggers.

The main win con is by overpowering your opponents with token spam using cards like Army of the damned, and death-priest of myrkul, with cards like wizards spellbook to re-cast, and behind the scenes to make them harder to block.

Here are the cards I replaced and what I replaced them with.

Mulldrifter | Pixie guide
Phantom steed | Wizard's spellbook
Utter end | Trickster's talisman
Component pouch | Basalt monolith
Necrotic sliver | Skullport merchant
Cataclysmic gearhulk | Death-priest of myrkul
Grave endeavor | Army of the damned
Geier reach sanitarium | Treasure vault
Vanish into memory | Behind the scenes
Cloudblazer | Loyal warhound
Sunblast angel | Forsworn paladin
Shriekmaw | Clattering skeletons
Champion of wits | Yuan-ti malison
Sun titan | Fate's reversal
Hostage taker | Fly
Wall of omens | Hour of revelation
Arcane endeavor | Pull from tomorrow
Curator of mysteries | Zombie ogre
Merfolk looter | Clever conjurer
Plaguecrafter | Vega, the watcher
Meteor golem | Barrowin, of clan Undurr
Karmic guide | Planar ally
Miscast | Forbidden alchemy


This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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