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Primer: Klothys Enchantress Group Slug - EDH (EDH / Commander)

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    Hi and welcome to my little Primer for Klothys, God of Destiny!

    First time I saw Klothys I was pretty hyped! I really liked a Gruul-Commander which is not all about smashing and aggro. (Don't be afraid, this deck has quit the damage output though!)
    After some time of brewing in many different directions, i decided to build a Entchantress-Shell around her, focusing on enchantments which slow the opponents down or help multiplying Klothys damage.

    One thing first: This is quite a tricky deck to pilot. But its so much fun if it does what it's supposed to do- which it does most of the times. ;)
    When i started testing the deck I lost many games. It's not that easy to play all this enchantments which punish your opponents for playing spells or tapping lands or even just owning non-basic lands, without getting a target on your back. ;)
    But this factor is really appealing to me while playing this deck.

    So what's the game plan? Basically you burn your opponents with many litty pings or shocks to death while trying to stay save behind some enchantments and many boardwipes. Sounds easy at first, right?

    Typically you should start the game by getting your ramp going - like in any other game of EDH. You try to stay under the radar and to draw as many cards with your enchantresses as possible. Signal the Clans is only in the deck to find one of your Enchantresses or our Eidolon. Enchantments-based ramp like Wildgrowth or Utopian Sprawl helps here on both aspects of the early game.

    In the midgame you start to throw some bigger enchantments down like Primal Order or Stolen Strategy, keeping card advantage train rolling and to start the damage output. Now you should play your commander at the latest. Try to keep the devotion hight enough for Klothys, 'cause sooner or later your opponents will understand: If they dont want to get punished for anything they do, they have to take you out. An indestructable 4/5 as a blocker helps getting not attacked more often than you might think ;)!
    If the board gets to loaded with many tiny creatures one single blocker will not help, so you wipe the battlefield with one of seven wrath effects. Some of them have a X-cost which should'nt be a big deal, because you ramped reasonable in the early game and Klothys can give you additonal mana every turn if needed by removing our own or the fetchlands of your opponents.

    In the late game, you should have so many different enchantments laying around, that your opponents cant do anything ithout taking a bunch of damage. Cards like Fiery Emancipation or Gratuitous Violence can multiply the pain and can bring Klothys even in the realm of CMDR-Damage while Sandwurm Convergence or Elephant Grass protect you a few turns till the "bad guys" are at 0 Lifepoints.

    And sometimes you win by stealing your oppenents creatures with Song-Mad Treachery or Insurrection - taking the last players out the game.

    And thats it! This is not a competitive deck by any means, but like I said in the beginning, I enjoy it a lot. It's making the games quicker through constant burning effect and taxes the other players, but doesn't completely stop them playing Magic - so i dont feel sooo super bad about my Brew ;)! (At least my playgroup is fine with it too.) What makes this deck so appealing to me is, that sometimes you have to try to not make the "optimal" plays and really pilot around some boardstates. Some games require to sandback your cards, to not get the Arch Enemy, finding the perfect timing dropping the big damage enchantments. This might not be the easiest gaming experience but is definitely a fun and interesting one.

    My favourite memory is countering a Cyclonic Rift with Red Elemental Blast - which in the end won me the game :D!


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