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Admonition AngelAjani VengeantAkroma, Angel of WrathAngel of SerenityAngelic ArbiterAngelic OverseerArchangel of ThuneArmageddonAurelia, the WarleaderAvacyn, Angel of HopeBalefire DragonBaneslayer AngelBattlefield ForgeBlasphemous ActBlood CryptBloodgift DemonBonfire of the DamnedBoros GarrisonButcher of the HordeCavern of SoulsCaves of KoilosChromatic LanternCity of BrassClifftop RetreatCommand TowerDarksteel CitadelDarksteel PlateDeathrenderDesecration DemonDiabolic TutorDragonskull SummitDreadboreElspeth, Knight-ErrantEnd HostilitiesEvolving WildsGilded LotusGisela, Blade of GoldnightGrand AbolisherHero's DownfallIncreasing AmbitionIona, Shield of EmeriaIsolated ChapelJourneyer's KiteKaalia of the VastKarn LiberatedLightning GreavesLiliana VessLord of the VoidMaster of CrueltiesMerciless EvictionMortifyMountainMountainMountainMountainNevinyrral's DiskOblivion RingOrzhov BasilicaPath to ExilePlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsRakdos CarnariumRakdos, Lord of RiotsReaper from the AbyssReliquary TowerResolute ArchangelRune-Scarred DemonSerra AscendantSkithiryx, the Blight DragonSlayers' StrongholdSol RingSorin, Solemn VisitorSpirit MantleSteel HellkiteStrionic ResonatorSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwiftfoot BootsSword of Body and MindSword of Feast and FamineTariel, Reckoner of SoulsTemple of the False GodTerminateThundermaw HellkiteUnburial RitesVault of the ArchangelWhip of ErebosWhispersilk CloakWrath of God