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Accursed Witch // Infectious CurseAccursed Witch // Infectious CurseAccursed Witch // Infectious CurseAccursed Witch // Infectious CurseAlly EncampmentAlly EncampmentAlly EncampmentAlly EncampmentAlways WatchingAnguished UnmakingAnguished UnmakingBloodbond VampireBloodbond VampireBrave the SandsCliffhaven VampireCliffhaven VampireCliffhaven VampireDrana's EmissaryDrana's EmissaryDrana's EmissaryDrana's EmissaryDrana, Liberator of MalakirDrana, Liberator of MalakirEerie InterludeEvolving WildsEvolving WildsGrasp of DarknessGrasp of DarknessGrasp of DarknessImmolating GlareImmolating GlareImmolating GlareImmolating GlareKalastria HealerKalastria HealerKalastria HealerKalastria HealerKambal, Consul of AllocationKambal, Consul of AllocationMarch from the TombMarch from the TombMurderMurderMurderMurderOb Nixilis ReignitedOb Nixilis ReignitedPanharmoniconPanharmoniconPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsRuinous PathRuinous PathSerene StewardSerene StewardShambling VentShambling VentSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampVampire EnvoyVampire Envoy

Always WatchingAuthority of the ConsulateAyli, Eternal PilgrimAyli, Eternal PilgrimDuressDuressEerie InterludeOath of GideonSorin, Grim NemesisStasis SnareStasis SnareStasis SnareStasis SnareZulaport CutthroatZulaport Cutthroat