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Ambition's CostAmbition's CostAncestral VisionAncestral VisionAncient CravingAncient CravingBlighted AgentBlighted AgentBlighted AgentBlighted AgentCurious ObsessionCurious ObsessionDark RitualDark RitualDark RitualDark RitualDemonic EmbraceDemonic EmbraceDemonic EmbraceDemonic EmbraceDimir AqueductDimir AqueductDimir GuildgateDimir GuildgateDimir GuildgateDimir GuildgateFetid PoolsFetid PoolsFetid PoolsFetid PoolsHand of the PraetorsHand of the PraetorsHowl from BeyondHowl from BeyondIchor RatsIslandIslandIslandIslandIslandPlague StingerPlague StingerPlague StingerPlague StingerShadowspearShadowspearSol RingSol RingSol RingSol RingSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSword of KaldraSword of KaldraTemple of DeceitTemple of DeceitTemple of DeceitTemple of DeceitVampire's BiteVampire's BiteVampire's BiteViral DrakeViral DrakeWhispering SpecterWhispering Specter