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Eternal Artisan: Grixis Bolas Cruel Control (Casual)

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Eternal Artisan, Legacy Rareless, Silverblack, Peasant Plus.
Grixis Cruel Control Planeswalker Bolas deck.

Win the game with Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver and Chandra, Flame's Fury.
Ramp your mana with Bonder's Ornament and by targeting your indestructible lands like Silverbluff Bridge with Cleansing Wildfire to effectively rampant growth and draw a card.
You can return your planeswalkers or even your opponents cards to play with The Eldest Reborn.
Run your opponent out of resources and win the long game.

This deck is a part of my Eternal Artisan Battle Deck collection. They are 60 card constructed decks that use the Eternal card pool (like Pauper, Legacy, and Vintage) and use any card that has been printed as a Common or Uncommon.

I have my own deckbuilding philosophy and banlist that can be found here:

The decks don't currently have sideboards, but I have plans to add them. The decks in the collection are meant to be played against one

View the sleeved up and ready to play collection here:


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