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Iroas' Growing Forces (EDH / Commander)

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    I like the idea of armies coming together and unifying their strength and I think I captured a bit of that here. I also have a personal attachment to Theros and it's themed cards through my own D&D 5e campaign, hence the preference of cards from the Theros sets. Other than that, I am a novice MTG player and only added in what I have received through gifts and purchases. Some more optimal cards or other noteworthy mentions are listed in Sideboard and Maybe Board.

    Iroas, God of Victory (even when not a Creature) is insane when you constantly are throwing token Creatures at your opponents. There are many +1/+1 counter generators through Mentor Creatures, Gleam of Battle, Cathars' Crusade, Armory of Iroas, etc. and many cards that grant keyword buffs to the team such as Blade Historian, Hammer of Purphoros, Archetype of Courage, Archetype of Aggression, and so forth. The longer a creature stays on the field, the more deadly it can become. Casting Finale of Glory with 12 mana is almost a guaranteed K.O. of an opponent.

    The ramp is a little low for some, but the mana curve generally allows one to work efficiently with at least 2 White, 1 Red, and 1 Colorless. Otherwise, Esper Sentinel, Land Tax, Archaeomancer's Map, The Birth of Meletis, and Monologue Tax help keep your advantage up.




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