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Arid MesaAvacyn's PilgrimBasilisk CollarBeast WithinBirds of ParadiseBloom TenderBoros CharmBoros GarrisonCinder GladeClifftop RetreatCombat CelebrantCommand TowerCopperline GorgeCunning SparkmageDevout ChaplainDrover of the MightyDruid of the AnimaDusk // DawnEight-and-a-Half-TailsEnlightened TutorFelidar UmbraFervent PaincasterFireslingerFortified VillageFrostwielderGame TrailGenerous GiftGenesis WaveGoblin SharpshooterGoblin WelderGorgon's HeadGruul TurfHeartless HidetsuguHeroic InterventionIllusionist's BracersInspiring VantageJungle ShrineKarplusan ForestKeen SenseKrosan VergeMagewright's StoneMagus of the CandelabraMother of RunesMountain ValleyNeko-TeNim DeathmantleOpen the ArmoryOracle of Mul DayaParadise DruidPath of AncestryPlateauProdigal PyromancerPuresteel PaladinQuest for RenewalQuest for the Holy RelicQuietus SpikeRazorverge ThicketReflecting PoolRings of BrighthearthRipjaw RaptorRootbound CragRugged PrairieSacred FoundrySamut, Voice of DissentSavannahScattered GrovesScythe of the WretchedSeedborn MuseSelesnya SanctuarySensei's Divining TopShalai, Voice of PlentySheltered ThicketSigarda's AidSigarda, Heron's GraceSmothering TitheSnake UmbraSpirit LoopSram, Senior EdificerSteelshaper's GiftStomping GroundStoneforge MysticStun SniperSunpetal GroveSword of Feast and FamineSword of Light and ShadowSword of the AnimistSylvan CaryatidTaigaTemple GardenTemple of PlentyTemple of TriumphThornbite StaffThousand-Year ElixirUtopia TreeVithian StingerVulshok SorcererWindswept HeathWooded FoothillsWurmcoil EngineZhur-Taa Druid

Austere CommandCryptolith RiteFervent ChampionForest