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Anafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritAnafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritArchangel of ThuneArchangel of ThuneAvacyn's PilgrimBirds of ParadiseBirds of ParadiseBirds of ParadiseBirds of ParadiseChord of CallingChord of CallingChord of CallingChord of CallingCollected CompanyCollected CompanyCollected CompanyCollected CompanyCourser of KruphixElvish MysticElvish MysticEternal WitnessEternal WitnessFiend HunterForestForestGavony TownshipGavony TownshipGodless ShrineKitchen FinksKitchen FinksKitchen FinksKitchen FinksMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsMelira, Sylvok OutcastMelira, Sylvok OutcastMurderous RedcapOvergrown TombOvergrown TombPlainsRazorverge ThicketRazorverge ThicketScavenging OozeSpike FeederSwampTemple GardenTemple GardenVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsVerdant CatacombsViscera SeerViscera SeerWall of RootsWall of RootsWall of RootsWindswept HeathWindswept HeathWindswept HeathWindswept Heath

Abrupt DecayAnafenza, the ForemostCourser of KruphixEidolon of RhetoricFulminator MageFulminator MageKataki, War's WageMaelstrom PulsePath to ExilePath to ExileQasali PridemageQasali PridemageSpellskiteVoice of ResurgenceVoice of Resurgence