Budget 12-Post Inspiration (Legacy)

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    12-Post is a deck list which makes use of the absurd amount of mana that Cloudpost generates to cast big cards and then win the game. Your gameplan is to play Cloudposts when you have them, and use the huge amount of dig in this deck to dig for them when you don't. Then, if you have enough mana, you can Crop Rotation or Expedition Map an Eye of Ugin, fetching you the creature that you want to cast. The archetype does have a pretty good matchup against control lists, since they cannot interact with you dropping lands at all. It also has good game against aggro lists, many of which will have trouble interacting with Glacial Chasm and the absurd lifegain from Glimmerpost. (Remember that you can Crop Rotation for Glacial Chasm at instant speed, and that you can respond to the Cumulative Upkeep trigger by copying it with Thespian's Stage, then not paying the upkeep cost - you get to keep a chasm without losing life for the turn!)

    Some interesting things about this deck and this build:
    -Maindeck Bojuka Bog means that you have 4 instant speed grave hate cards in the form of Crop Rotation. This comes in handy against a variety of archetypes!
    -Crop Rotation also protects your lands from Wasteland. If you opponent Wasteland's, you can just cast that spell in response, sacrificing the targeted land, then fetch another copy of the same land from your deck.
    -Mulch might accidentially mill your own creatures away, but don't fret -- Buried Ruin can recur two out of three of your creatures from the graveyard!
    -Teferi's Response is your answer to Wasteland. The right count of them in the maindeck is somewhere between 0 and 4; this is largely a meta call.

    This version has to make a number of concessions to the budget constraints:
    -Most importantly, it cannot run Vesuva. This list runs a playset of Thespian's Stage instead, such that it still has 12 maindeck Locuses; however, they do slow down the deck somewhat and if you can, you should definitely get your hands on a playset of Vesuva, cutting Thespian's Stage to a 1-of.
    -This list does not run any of the big Eldrazi with on-cast triggers. This hurts the control matchup, since your opponent can just counter your big beaters. If you can, get your hands on an Emrakul. (And potentially a Karakas too, for the infinite turns combo.)
    -Despite being two-colored, this deck barely has any mana fixing. You could run any mana-fixing that you might have handy, including Temple of Mystery (you would have spent the mana on fixing your draw anyway).
    -This build doesn't run Pithing Needle and hence doesn't have an answer to D&T Rishadan Porting all its Cloudposts. If you can get your hand on these, you might want to exchange them for the maindeck Teferi's Responses -- mostly because that instantly flips your D&T matchup from 30/70 to 70/30, given that Rishadan Port is the only form of notable interaction D&T has with your deck.


    Sideboard price: 8.17 € | $ 11.08

    This deck appears to be legal in Legacy!

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