[WIP] Oloro, Guardian of Esper (EDH / Commander)

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    I wanted this to be mono_sphinxes.dec but there aren't enough good ones to fill out a commander deck. This is what I've ended up with so far. The mana base is still the biggest issue I'm having with this. I think 36 lands is still a bit on the low end.

    -Isochron Scepter
    -Archmage Ascension
    +Unesh, Criosphinx Soverign
    +Argent Sphinx

    Really don't have a ton of targets for Scepter. Love the card but it doesn't fit in this deck. With Jace I basically have Brainstorm on a stick already.
    Archmage Ascension works well with Oloro (when you draw it) but I'd like to lower my creature curve and a 4 drop that doesn't die to removal fills a good gap.

    6/21/17 Update:
    -Chromatic Lantern
    -Everflowing Chalice
    -Vedalken Orrery
    -Thopter Spy Network

    +Sensei's Divining Top
    +Mystical Tutor
    +Wrath of God

    Lantern not needed anymore since adding Celestial Dawn. Chalice is nice but without proliferate triggers it has a set (usually low) potential.
    Orrery is nice but I'm opting to swap in less edge-case useful cards like a tutor and board wipe.
    Removing Thopter Spy Network because we already have Sharding Sphinx and I'm trying to keep in the tribal flavor. There's not a 100% overlap between the two cards but the thopter tokens aren't incredible important in the grand scheme of things.

    7/1/16 Update:



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